Rafael López - Full Stack Developer

After graduating in 2014 with a Master’s Degree in Telecommunications Engineering at the Technical University of Madrid, I have worked in the Software Industry for several companies across Madrid, Barcelona and Melbourne. I acquired project and time management skills, as well as the ability to communicate with team members and clients while effectively meeting milestones and deadlines.

I have worked on a multitude of web based projects providing development on multiple modern technologies, both in FrontEnd (React, Angular, HTML, CSS, SASS, Styled Components, SAPUI5, JS, jQuery, Bootstrap) and BackEnd (Python, Django, NodeJS, Express, RESTful APIs, OData, Web Sockets). During last years I developed my DevOps skills mainly working with Amazon Web Services and SAP HANA Cloud Platform.

While working for SAP I became an expert UI5 developer, reaching the top 10 collaborators on StackOverflow for UI5 topics and winning the Innovation Award in the SAP Cloud Culture Global Awards 2017.

Within Movember Foundation I worked in multiple projects with different tech stack. From monolithic web apps (DjangoCMS + HTML + SASS + JS) to serverless architectures (React / Angular + AWS Lambda). Furthermore, we started the development of the Movember Global Experience Language. A collection of React fully theme-able Web Components focused on high performance and reusability.

As you can probably guess, technology is one of my biggest passions and I spend a lot of time digging into new areas like electronics, 3D printing, IoT, Mobile development and Online Marketing.

Travelling is also something I am passionate about. I love to discover new places and meeting new people. This is the main reason why I visited more than 20 countries including long-term stays in USA and Australia.

I am currently based in Melbourne, where I enjoy my free time practicing team handball, kite surfing, running and reading. I am always open to discuss a new project opportunities as freelancer, so if you want to have a Skype/Zoom call or if you prefer to take a beer and have a chat do not hesitate to send me a message on social media or using the form below.

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